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Gay Couple with their Daughter

Equality and Equity

I have been an environmentalist, LGBT rights, social justice and AIDS/HIV activist for the past 20. I believe everyone needs to be heard, so many communities can be marginalized and taken for granted for the richness they bring communities. I believe in integrating communities so no one is marginalized. Communication needs to be a priority to keep positive relationships growing and this can be achieved during our many different social events and community activities. We grow equality when we learn about each other.  Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and shares the exact resources and opportunities needed to achieve an equal outcome. This is achievable when the city protects communities, like the Viking Estates, from predatory developers looking to desparage affordable housing. 


Transparency and Early Development of Projects

I believe a representative has to be out in the community and easily accessible to make their constituents voice be heard. That's one thing I do as an acupunturist, we listen to your chief complaint and make a plan. I also am a firm beleiver that representatives need to include their communities in early development of city projects. Working in patient care for over 25 years, if you don't include the patient in their care model, you will have dramatically decreased patient buy-in. A great example of not including and ignoring residents input is the Kraewood Development, where the Paulson Christmas Tree Farm was demolished for the new apartment complex and subdivision. I promise to listen and bring your concerns forward to the city council. 

Green Forest
Team Talk

Housing Security and Affordable Housing

Constituents in my area have expressed that we need to work towards keeping property tax increases more reasonable as opposed to the current councils double digit increases. Northfield could be a great place to retire or "age in place" if it managed their property taxes better.

Outragiously high property taxes creates housing insecurity for our community especially for retired on fixed income and for our working population that make low wages. Some constituents have suggested rent control and the possibility of rent to own housing projects as a way for young families to start out as first time home buyers. 

Mental Health and Trauma

I am an advocate for non drug therapy for pain and opioid diversion therapies, like acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic care, yoga, mindfullness therapy, since 2015. I have supported efforts by lobbying Minnesota Legislature to help provide support for people in recovery from opioid overuse and to provide them with alternative choices to empower their sobriety.

I am an advocate for mental health and have recruited people to help support legislation that would bring more mental healthcare providers to rural communities (2015, 2022  legislative sessions)

I am also the son of a Vietnam Veteran and have volunteered with a Veterans Support group for the past 7 years called the Mission Project. We provide Veterans resources, acupuncture treatments, chiropractic care, massages and meals with music. 


Civil Rights and Standing Against Far Right Extremists

The Supreme Courts decision against Roe v Wade, has to be one of my strongest reasons for running for public office. This decision ended nearly 50 years of constitutional protections for abortion. Many states are now criminalizing or forcing healthcare workers to report women who had pregnancy losses to authorities. Having worked in reproductive laboratory medicine for several years and in my experience with acupuncture patients this will have a detrimental outcome to womens health. In my time working with reproductive medicine, you don't know how often I have seen women go through pregnancy losses and the struggles they go through, now the law will add aditional trauma to this discriminatory process. 

I am a strong believer in getting the Government out of your doctors office. Your health care decisions are a constitutional right. Women's reproductive rights are tied to so many other constitutional rights that we have taken for granted. As conservative Justice Clarence Thomas stated that LGBT and interacial protections were next on their list to target, we need to stand together and fight for our civil rights. I will not stand in silence. 

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